Self healing
In all healing techniques, after all, the body heals itself. Medical treatment, alternative medicine and
healing all generate the body for self healing.
In spiritual healing there is a very even crucial task for self healing, using the mind, voice and hands.
I am presenting two of one of my greatest teachers, Dr. Master Sha's self healing methods.
The first called HELLO HEALING and the second is the FORGIVNESS process for Karma cleansing.

HELLO HEALING by Dr. Master Sha
This powerful self healing method is based on you addressing the problematic organ or condition,
expressing your love to it, giving the assignment  for healing and ending with expressing your
Lets assume your left knee is painful.
You can address any organ or situation – physical for emotional.

The Hello Healing has 3 parts
Sit straight and feel comfortable. Put your hands one on the other under your Navel. Take a few deep breaths
through your nose. See the great white light of healing coming down from heaven and surrounding you.
Feel its rainbow colors penetrating your head and spreading to all your body.
See two golden light balls each the size of a tennis ball, one under the Navel, the other in the center of your chest.
See them spinning and radiating millions of tiny golden energy balls to all your body.

Now say:
Addressing the organ
Dear Soul Mind and Body of my left knee.
I love you
You have the power to heal yourself. Do a good job.
Thank  you, Thank you, Thank you

Addressing the illness
Dear Soul Mind and Body of the illness in my left knee.
I love you
You have done your job, now go away for ever and enable my left knee to heal.
Thank  you, Thank you, Thank you

Addressing any external entitya soul of your loved one that passed away, the sun,
or any Dear Soul Mind and Body of the Sun.
I love you
Please heal my left knee.
Thank  you, Thank you, Thank you
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