Soul Mind Body Medicine - Soul Healing Miracles

The healing process is performed by a healer who transmits energy from the divine
and spiritual masters and guides
to the patient, by the soul-mind-body medicine by Master Sha.
The process is performed mostly with no physical touch or minor touch or remotely.
The energy is transmitted through the healer's hands mind and voice to the patient.
All illness, physical emotional and mental involves energy blockages. The healing process
opens those blockages and brings energetic balance to the cell and tissue level. 

What skills should the healer have?
A S.M.B  healer should be a pure channel of light from the divine and heaven guides. 
The healer transmits the light energy through him to the patient.  

The healer can work with no personal knowledge, basically as a channel of energy. But wide
knowledge and experience can improve the healing results
  • Spiritual knowledge – The fundamental basics for any healer
  • Anatomy, pathology and pharmacology – basic medical treatments
  • Nutrition and alternative medicine methods
  • Diagnostic methods – spiritual or by other non-medical methods

Danny's Healing treatment process
Process can take place facing the patient or remotely. The first treatment starts with questioning the patient.
This can take 20-30 minutes.
If the patient cannot speak for himself, the questioning will be with a relative, incase of children, with the parents.
The actual energy healing takes from 5 to 20 minutes.
After the session Danny will decide if more sessions are required.

Patient self healing after the healing session
If the patient is willing or able, he will be guided bt Danny to do self healing according to the Soul Mind Body medicine of
Master Sha including joining Master Sha's healing programms and YouTube teachings. These self healing exercises can
include meditation and chanting and change of daily life habits – Eating, Drinking, Exercise, rest and social behavior.

What result can you expect?
In spiritual healing the results are very personal depending on many factors. As Danny says, all patients get health benefits
from spiritual healing. Some will cure completely after one session, others will have to have several treatments, others
have to work hard at home.
So you can expect improvement but not defining a definite result or schedule.
What are the most common reasons of illness?
  • Physical accidents
  • Emotional traumas since childhood
  • Emotional stress originated from loss, sorrow, loneliness, anxiety, anger etc.
  • Bad relationships
  • Bad life style – smoking, alcohol, exposure to toxins
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of physical training
  • Negative thoughts, Negative emotions
  • Bad Karma – personal karma or  ancestor's karma
  • Genetics and Epo-genetics Self healing
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