Soul Mind Body Healing for Pets
Dogs, Cats and other pets, receive healing energy very well.
Animals probably feel the calming effect and healing effect much faster and deeper than us. 
Pets and all animals do not have the thought process for building doubt . 
They just receive… and they are probably grateful.

 If your pet seems to be ill…
if they are suffering
from diarrhea, coughing, respiratory difficulties,
or any other worrying behavior.
If they were bitten
or injured by another
If they look tired,
move slowly,
dry nose, sad eyes…
If they were injuredin
a car accident
If they look sad,
You are invited to offer them Soul Mind Body Healing (by telephone or Skype).
The healing treatment takes about 15 minutes and is affective for any health problem.
Some healing process are immediate, others need several treatments – each case is individual. 

Sometimes, like in cancer stage 4, or with very old pets, it may not heal but bring inner peace
and less pain.  
Healing session price - 49 per Healing session to be paid by or any credit card.
Danny Carney Yehud Israel +972-394-70787