Healing methods applied by Daniel Carney
Daniel uses several healing methods, some combined others separately. The main method is
the spiritual healing of Master Sha.

Menorah Charney

Connecting to the healing guides and acting as a channel.

Dr. Master SHA
  • Soul Mind and Body Medicine. Healing the soul of every cell in the body
    and karma cleansing.
  • Hello healing for self healing
  • Soul healing
Calligraphy self healing        
with Master Sha's book "Soul Healing Miracles"

Trigger Poins
Physical pressure on trigger poins For releasing pain in muscles - stiff neck, back pain, shoulders,
headakes, legs, firgers, tows and more

Dien Chan
Face reflexology by pressing on acupuncture points on the face. Originated in Vietnam
and developed in France.

Koryo Hand Body Homunculus Therapy
Korean method for healing through the palms. Easy as a self healing method.

  • Medical Message
  • Nutrition – food, drink, diets, nutritional supplements
  • Bach Flower remedies
  • Herbal medicine  
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