About Daniel Carney
Daniel (Danny) has been treating since 2010 using several healing methods. 

Daniel's mother, Menorah Charney, was a spiritual healer for about 40 years.
She passed away at the age of 76 in April 2010.
That was the time when Danny knew that he has to follow her steps, and he started studying
and practicing healing, and leading the MPH meditation group.

Danny studied many healing methods parallel to official Nutrition studies. 
Finally in September 2012 he took Master Sha's Divine Healing Hands cours and that started 
Danny's attachment and love for everything that Master Sha teaches and does. 
Using the Soul Mind Body Medicine is giving Danny much success. 

Danny is a Master Sha studnent in the Master's program for becoming a Divine Healer and Teacher Master.  

Danny has his mothers meditation group - MPH (Meditation Peace Harmony) that he leads 
and develops with several groups, all in all a few hundred participants.  

Before becomin a healer Danny was, and still is a Marketing Consultant, Copyrighter and lecturer.
Today he combines his marketing skills with the SMB method.  
Danny lives in Israel, plays the trumpet, and has a family with 3 children.

Personal vision
  • Danny hopes for all people in need to be open to receiving healing. 
  • Daniel strives to reach a situation in which any patient in any condition will be able to cure as quickly and
    basically as possible.
  • Achieving a healthy and high quality life for all people.
  • Daniel will apply all and any methods for healing the patient including all alternative medicine methods.
  • Daniel strives to bring all people and humanity to spiritual behavior of unconditional love. Forgiveness, compassion,
    harmony and inner peace.
  • Daniel will assist any person to gain spiritual knowledge.
  • Daniel has a goal of making the MPH group into an influential group for all meditation and spiritual work.
For all information about the MPH group press here 
Danny Carney Yehud Israel +972-394-70787